"I’m 61 and this is the first claim I’ve ever made for any vehicle I’ve owned.  Arrow was great! Shelly was always available, professional, thourough and personal. Helped me feel better, too. Hail storms are frightening! And the aftermath of all those ugly dents is discouraging. She understood that and she didn’t dismiss that part of the circumstance. That was so kind of her. I really appreciated that. And I felt relieved and confident after speaking with her.  Really appreciate her making an unexpected annoyance of hail damage bearable. Thanks Shelly."

-Janet S.

"One of my coworkers referred me to Brian at Arrow Insurance Professionals and I’m so thankful that she did; he really is one of the good guys. I reached out to him today in a panic over my homeowners insurance, and he spent over 30 minutes on the phone with me within just a couple hours of my email – going through my plan in detail to fix the tiny inaccuracies that were raising my premium. He was patient, kind, and informative, and saved me over $100 off of my annual bill in the process. Thank you Brian!"

-Caitlin H.

“Thanks for all the help in changing my Insurance.  the first time i change was about three years ago and it did not go  well. . I ended having to make   all the calls to my mortgage company and my bank  to let them know I was getting new insurance. . This time everything went smooth and Kyle took care of everything.  I will highly  recommend Arrow if I know anyone looking into new insurance or just help in that area.”

-Karen G.

"Shelly, Brian, and Kyle have made the insurance process so painless and simple. Anytime we have a question or a change to request they are extremely responsive. The only time we have had a claim they made the process quick and easy. We will continue to refer more people as the service is phenomenal!"

-Kristen U


“My husband and I have had Farmers Insurance for the past 30+ years. We have had very few vehicles claims and no homeowner claims but our premiums kept raising. We contacted Farmers to inquire about our premiums and were very disappointed with the customer service we received from them. We decided to have Shelly and her team shop around for us to see what was out there. They were able to get us better coverage and saved us a ton of money, with a very reputable insurance company! Their customer service is amazing! They made the experience of changing insurance companies so easy! If we have questions about anything related to our policies, all we do is call or e-mail them and they take care of the rest! Thank you, Shelly and team, at Arrow Insurance Professionals! We look forward to working with you for years to come!”

-Jonni P


"We recently transferred all our insurance (both business and personal) to Safeco through Arrow Insurance. We have multiple policies and during the process, I found Shelly to be extremely helpful and very patient with my many questions and the different issues that had to be addressed. In addition, we will save thousands (yes, thousands) annually with more coverage. Thanks Shelly for all your assistance and for making us feel comfortable with the transition. You are the best!!!"

-Carol O


"Arrow Insurance is not only extremely helpful and pleasant to work with, they have made a SIGNIFICANT impact on our family life. Ar,:iong other opportunities of assistance, our family encountered a situation where we received a notice requiring us to acquire flood insurance on our house, resulting in an increase of thousands of dollars each year. But Arrow Insurance tackled the issue and in clearing things up with all parties involved continue to save us those thousands of dollars every year (and then turned around and was able to do the same for a neighbor)! That combined with all the other opportunities of assistance and support, we know we've found a keeper in insurance!"

-John M


"I can't thank you enough for all the work you did in finding policies to fit my very complex insurance needs. Not only is it saving me a ton of money, you made it a very seamless transition for me. Forever Grateful,"

-Jan K


"Shelly is always so responsive when I call or email. She is very patient with my questions. She shopped to find the best rates for my family and business so that I am covered in the best way for my situation. I really appreciate and trust Arrow Insurance."

-Karrie M


"Shelly Barrow was recommended by my sister. It was the best decision for me to have her as my agent to help me with my insurance needs. This new website is wonderful, it covers everything That a client can get access to their insurance need and others."

-Sayoko T

"I was caught in a severe hail storm and my car was heavily damaged.  Luckily, I have Brian Armstrong as my car insurance agent and he had placed me with Safeco Insurance a number of years ago.  When I called Brian, and told him of the damage to my car, he was very informative on how the claim process would work with Safeco.  I called the toll free number Brian provided me and to my surprise, Safeco was extremely helpful and in less than 2 days, my car was at the repair shop getting fixed.   Brian, and Safeco Insurance, could not have been more responsive and helpful during the entire time my car was in for repairs.

If you are looking for a quality insurance agent, you need look no farther than Brian Armstrong.  His professionalism, knowledge, and quality of service is a welcomed relief compared to some that I have experienced in dealing with other agents and insurance companies."

-Roy A


"My wife and I are busy professionals and are duty bound to our small businesses, and college and high school aged kids. Navigating through treacherous auto insurance waters was not something we knew, nor that we would enjoy dealing with. When we were recently faced with a steeply rising auto policy for four cars and four drivers, we turned to Shelly and Arrow Insurance for help. Our "dear-in-the-headlights" look about auto insurance policies was transformed into a sigh of relief after Shelly worked the telephone, identifying the pieces and parts of major reductions to our policy with the insurance company. Shelly knows her business and is tireless in working with her clients. She is a true professional and someone we are glad to know!"

-Scott H


"With us [selling the business and company vehicle], it looks as this is good bye, but not forever. You've been such a breath of fresh air to work with. We will definitely refer people to you. I hope your boss' know what they have with you. Thank you for always following up with us, your professionalism, for following through and for your prompt responses. Bill and I really enjoyed working with you."

-Bill & Shyla, Flash Point Heating & Cooling

"When I moved to Colorado a friend recommended Brian and Arrow Insurance and it was a great recommendation. Brian helped me find the best deal on insurance (better than I could find for myself). And then, when I moved to California, Brian and Arrow Insurance were ready to help me move my insurance again. Their service and convenience are fantastic."

-Adam S

"You guys make this so painless! The next time someone I know is looking for insurance I will send them your way! Thanks"

-Shane P

"Appreciate all your help! You are by far the best agent I have ever had in my 35 years of driving!"

-Renee R 

"Every time that I think of how you went above and beyond to get my daughters and me covered immediately, I want to thank you again and again..."

-Georgine H

"I wanted to write you an e-mail to express my gratitude in always providing us with quick and easy to understand answers. I have always felt that insurance companies were impossible to understand. I never knew exactly what we were getting and how it actually worked but with Brian at Arrow Insurance Professionals I no longer have to deffer to my husband to make all the phone calls. For the first time I am able to call and ask my questions and get a STRAIGHT answer and not feel as though my questions are not important. At Arrow Insurance Professionals, I AM an important customer. All my questions are answered quickly and in a way that I can understand them. I have been a customer for a year and plan to continue being a customer for life."

-Maria H

"It is always hard to have your parked car hit, but I received the best customer service from Safeco Insurance. They were so helpful in getting an assessment of the damages within 1 day. I had various options of where to go for the repair. Each time I called they were patient, gracious, helpful with ALL my questions. I received the insurance payment within 10 days! It was the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever received (other than my insurance agent - Shelly). I strongly recommend Safeco car insurance - good rates and Excellent customer service when you need it."

-Diane L


"I wanted to write a letter of thanks to you about my experiences with Arrow Insurance Professionals". Shelly has done more than she had to in order to help me out! Her service was unbelievable! She has time & time again gone above & beyond what she was suppose to do, without her help I would be in trouble, I would not have insurance! I just wanted you to know that Shelly is a great agent that has a passion for her job and helping others, not to mention she is also a great person"

-Andy W

"I have purchased automotive insurance through Arrow Insurance, with broker Brian Armstrong. He was able to get me MORE COVERAGE for LESS MONEY and actually WORKED WITH ME to explain my coverage policy. My insurance company that I had left didn't believe that I had recived such rates with the amount of coverage I have."

-Derek F